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Even though preventive HVAC maintenance seems to be a pretty fancy term that gets tossed around in both commercial and residential cases, you would find very few people to actually take this seriously. This is because the problem that seems to plague the majority of the population seems to be the perspective that rather than taking a preventive stance, many HVAC users would much rather deal with the problem when it actually arises.

However, what consumers fail to realize is that by taking the smarter route of HVAC maintenance, there can greatly reduce drama and hassle than by waiting until the system breaks down. In addition, they would also have been able to save a significant amount of money – something which would come as a huge benefit to both business and homeowners alike.

Soft Costs of HVAC Problems

Let's take a look at some of the problems which might arise from not performing regular maintenance.

  • How many customers will a business actually be willing to lose if the building is too hot to finish a meal, complete a workout, or even too drafty for the customers to try on new clothes?
  • How productive are employees when they are more concerned about sweating than their work? How would their productivity be impacted by an office space which seems to have poor airflow and temperature regulation?
  • As a result of an HVAC equipment failure, how long would you be willing to shut down operations and keep your office doors closed?
  • What would happen to your energy costs? Do you believe that you would actually be saving money long-term if you allow your HVAC systems to continue running inefficiently?

Comfort Club

You rarely think about your air conditioner until it stops working, and when that happens, you need service quickly and without hassle. Our staff is ready to take your call, often the same day, with

  1. Prompt, courteous service
  2. Fair and honest pricing
  3. Reliable and efficient repairs

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Now that you have seen some of the problems that can occur due to a lack of air conditioner maintenance, let's take a look at some of the benefits that routine maintenance can provide

Increase in energy efficiency

You would often find that upgrading to high-performance HVAC equipment could result in considerable emissions, energy, and cost savings somewhere between 10-40%. So, if you would really like to benefit from increased annual savings and lowered monthly utility bills, making sure that your air conditioning system continues operating at peak performance.

Increase in lifespan of equipment

For most people, an upgraded HVAC system is often looked at as an investment rather than a short-term, impulse purchase. Because of the cost, consumers should try to extend the lifespan of their system through routine HVAC maintenance. Equipment can become clogged with dust, dirt, grime, and more, causing it to work much harder to create the same heating or cooling capacity. This can lead to early burnout and component failure. Thus, performing regular preventive maintenance can help extend the life of your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

Improved air quality throughout

Reduction in repair costs

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